Sunday, April 22rd, 2018
Bristol Pike Lanes

Trenton Thunder Game
Saturday June 9th, 2018
End the School Year with a Clap of Thunder
Watch for Flyers

Watch for:
Barnes & Nobel Book Fair

2017-2018 Events Recap
Bensalem Fall Festival
Held on Saturday, October 7th, 2017
Sold Out by 4:00 PM - Thank You to all those
that stopped by to help support JftKs.

11th Annual Massaroni Memorial Run
Color Run
Held Saturday, October 14th, 2017
Didn't hit our 400 goal but topped 300
There is always next year!
Great Color Run - Everybody had a colorful time.
JftKs would like to thank all those that came out
for their continued support.

2016-2017 Events Recap
10th Annual Massaroni Memorial Run

20th Anniversary Dinner
Celebrating 20 Years of Funding Classroom Projects
for the students of Bensalem Township School District
WAS A Great Celebration

Another Great Event
Trenton Thunder Game
Held on Saturday, June 10th, 2017
Finished the  School Year with a" Clap" of Thunder

The Just For The Kids Educational Foundation is an independent, non-profit organization working with individuals, businesses and grant-making organizations to support educational programs and new initiatives. By working with these groups the foundation gathers financial and volunteer resource necessary to support and enhance educational programs for the students in Bensalem public schools. Teachers and administrators within the school district will be eligible to apply for classroom project funding to fund new and innovative instructional programs.

The goals of the foundation are to:
  • Enhance and expand student learning experiences
  • Nurture creative and innovative educational practices
  • Promote life-long enrichment in all areas of learning
  • Provide opportunities to invest in a strong public school system
  • Strengthen connections between businesses, the community and the Bensalem Township School District

To make an online donation through PayPal to the Just for the Kids Education Foundation please click below:

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